De Artiesten

Free by spirit, fine of taste

‘De Artiesten’ are somewhat odd ones in the catering branch. We originally come from the theatre industry, but have developed into catering concept creators over the years.

Now in Cristofori. Dining from the beautiful open kitchen.


We love realizing original ideas for individuals and companies, which we do with a keen eye for the tiniest detail.


During his career, Dennis Huwaë was primarily in charge of kitchens with the prestigious 2-Michelin star status. ‘It was there, where he found his profound vision for the highest level in gastronomie’, according to GaultMillau, who awarded him with Talented Chef of the Year 2018.

For Huwaë, the creation of a dish is a search for the perfect combination of ingredients, so that they amplify and supplement each other. He is inspired by street food from all over the world. Classic technique always stand at the basis, whilst in his head he then translates this to his own signature.

He goes as far with his search for perfection that he, according to himself, searches for the inner beauty of each ingredient and wants to bring the best of each ingredient forward.

Let nature do her work. Choose quality products and treat them with love and respect. In the end, it all comes down to having love for the product and the time you put into creating your dishes – Dennis Huwaë

Recently, Huwaë leads the fantastic kitchen team of De Artiesten, and wrote the food book for the diverse events they host. A simple lunch, an easy dinner – he will always use his own style on the dishes served. A sandwich or Caesar salade by Huwaë, will undeniably carry his signature. The real work though – the meticulously created signature menu – will carry this signature in its realest form.

Chefs and theatre folks

To provide you with the best culinary experience, we work with the best chefs in the Netherlands and the most creative people from the theatre industry. This unique combination is what characterizes ‘De Artiesten’. Together we ensure an original, stylish and surprising realization of your culinary evening.


Before we start a project, we’ll ask you loads of questions. And we’ll go on until we know exactly what you have in mind. We’ll brainstorm together and challenge you to find the boundaries of your imagination. Because all we want is to make your dreams come true – from the way we fold the napkins to the digestive.


It is always our goal to exceed your every expectation. Each theme and any kind of palate is possible. Whether you’re looking for an outdoor fair-like feel or a star style dinner, from organic to exotic and from fusion to vegetarian – anything goes.



While our culinary heroes work their magic in the kitchen, our talented stylists bring their creative concepts to life. We only work with renowned suppliers, pour the best wines and are known for our unparalleled hospitality.

We work only with the best suppliers, poor only fair wines and are famous for our unmatched hospitality.